CableTec was founded in 1993 in Switzerland and moved in 2001 to our current location, Arendonk in Belgium.

CableTec is a cable raw material supplier providing shielding and sheathing tapes as well as FRP, Glass Roving, Water Blocking Tapes, Filling /Flooding Compounds and Water Blocking Polyester Yarns to the cable industry.

Our philosophy is that our customers should never have to worry about the availability of our product range and fulfill the customer’s desires and requirements.

CableTec is very close by the port of Antwerp, which offers an optimal logistic infrastructure for import and export. Apart from that we are located in central Europe which offers an excellent base to serve our customers throughout Europe and beyond.

Our warehouse offers 2600m² of space to ensure we keep enough inventories. This combination gives us the flexibility to offer the best possible lead times and guarantee a continuous availability of our products at any time. We have a dedicated customer focused team, from the Management to the warehouse operator who are all driven to give the customer the best possible service you can expect.

Our technical department can assist you with all the technical supportin processing raw materials and offer you the best solutions in your production site. CableTec is 100% focused on the cable industry and has over 25 years of experience.